10 elements, without which your Landing will not sell

Diana Kolesnik


The creative nature with an excess of energy and creativity. In web design, first of all, appreciate the convenience of the interface. Most other uses minimal style.

10 elements, without which your Landing will not sell

Involving users in the conversion scenario, at first glance, a tricky thing – creating Landing for a specific product or service, set up PPC advertising and preparing for the storm of calls and applications. It looks so simple in theory. In practice, it is often necessary to deal with the fact that people go to the landing page, and without making the desired action, if not immediately after the first scroll of the screen. And if the context configuration does not cause problems, then “sell” the Landing ability immediately questioned.Checklist of the elements, without which the Landing will not sell:

  1. Title. The obvious at first glance, an element of reason is often ignored by copywriters and webmasters. Title landing page should not only “hitch”, but to be clear. If you can’t to describe the essence of your proposal in three words – use explanatory subtitle.
  2. Suitable image. The picture should not only be beautiful and clear, but also meet the service or product that you offer. Typically, visitors have not much time to carefully evaluate each word of your page, so the quality and thematic images are sure to help you.
  3.  Description. In addition to the main features, the description should gently settle in the head of user thought that your product or service is really needed and are able to solve any of its problems. In the end, than clearer description, the less chance that the visitor will remain questions or concerns.
  4. Advantages and USP. This element should clearly demonstrate than your proposal is different from similar products of competitors. Benefits should be the real value, so sucked from the finger of the word “Best seller” does not fit.
  5. Feedbacks. The real feedback on your product or service – a good trigger confidence. Do not get carried away with purchased feedbacks and do not forget that people mostly are not fools, so the abundance of empty eulogies section reviews they must guard.
  6. Call to action. Just “say” to the visitor what he has to do on the landing page. This will help to simple imperatives “Leave application”, “Follow”, “Order now” and etc. It is advisable to place a call to action not only in the end of the Landing, and the top – some customers do not need more information, and they are ready to make the desired operation quickly.
  7. Easy conversion form. Do not ask the visitor information about his age, gender, marital status and birthday beloved grandmother – the simpler and shorter form of the conversion, the greater the chance that he will fill it.
  8. Optimized for mobile traffic. Should I remind you that the landing page is not optimized for mobile traffic, losing nearly half of potential customers?
  9. Typography and thought-out structure. The simple fact – the text that is easy and convenient to read, probably will be read to the end. So the potential customer is fully acquainted with your proposal and make targeted action.
  10. Contacts. In addition to the conversion forms are included in the structure of the landing page a list of contacts (phone, email, address). Firstly, successful contacts can act as a trigger confidence, inform visitors of your “serious intentions”. And secondly, to help potential customers to clarify issues and make a purchase convenient way, for example by telephone.