Quality Assurance and Testing

Zeigen specializes on QA & Testing for desktop, web and mobile. Since different types of software may require different testing methods, different strategies are involved. With our integrated approach to quality assurance, we leverage diverse testing methods, including Unit, Integration, Manual, UI Automation, and Parallel. Our team of top-tier testers will put your product through a multitude of rigorous, purpose-built test processes, and identify even the most elusive bugs. Our Results Based on Testing engagement model, wich bestows clients with contractual guarantees for quality improvement and cost reduction.
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Automated testing involves the use of special tools automation. Automated software can enter test data in the test system, compare the expected results with the actual and generate detailed test reports. This is an effective solution for projects with a high load. A set of tools automated testing: testing the user interface of mobile platforms, cloud solutions, “white-box” framework and continuous integration tools.


Manual testing is carried out manually in order to find faults without the use of automatic scripts. It is ideal for small projects that do not require large amounts of test data. The main advantages of manual testing is low cost, flexibility, and more likely to find real user problems.

We guarantee

Your software, mobile and web applications will be tested from all sides: from the disruptions and adapting to different screen resolutions, to scrolling menus and error messages.
The connection speed and data is very important because your application may show different performance in different conditions.
Your application will be checked to make sure that the user can easily perform all actions. Our experts will give you advice based on an understanding of user expectations.
Will check whether your application has a decent level of fault tolerance. It is also important to ensure that the application can regenerate itself, especially in overload.
Your application is installed and running on a different test configurations will be checked, whether it can co-exist with other applications in its niche.
Check your application reliability, the propensity to change and stability over its life cycle.

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